Feb 222018

Dear Reader ,

There is no doubt that I am one of those few very lucky people who enter into the realm of lucid dreaming spontaneously , with absolutely no prior knowledge of this field , no practice and no awareness whatsoever . This is completely my case . Even if I did not show any interest in the ability of lucid dreaming for years and years , I woke myself up all of a sudden experimenting the phenomena of lucid dreaming . To keep things short , I would describe lucid dreaming as the ability of one’s mind to remain awake after the physical body shuts down its processes and functions when going to sleep . But the subject is so wide , that I am only going to point out only a few details that are happening to me .

I began having lucid dreams shortly after my stroke that I suffered in November 2013 . I had no idea back then that this field existed and that it was studied and everything . They somehow were my refuge , an understandable fact given my circumstances and the severe trauma I was going through . I mean being deprived of three physical senses out of five , two of them being undeniably extremely important for surviving in this jungle called life . Losing both my sight and hearing was like cutting me completely from the perception of my own body . So I was left alone with my spirit , which is this ‘thing’ that has nothing in common with senses and so on . For months, in 2014, the only thing I cared was to make it through the day and get to the night , when the miracles happened .

Lucid dreaming has intensified since August 2015 . Now I have moments of lucidity in my dreams that last from five minutes up to two hours nearly every night . But I came to realize in time that the major factor that triggers my lucidity in my dreams is the fact that I don’t see . This is the detail recorded in my subconscious mind which is sending me dream signals to wake me up . What I mean to say is that I know at a subconscious level that I do not see during the day , whereas I do during the night . I carry this knowledge with me in my dreams . So late at night , when everyone around goes to sleep and I do too , I open my eyes after closing them for sleep and usually remember everything there is . My full name , the fact that I lost my sight four years ago , how I went to bed , how long it took me to fall asleep , what I had for dinner , what music I listened earlier , what methods and tips I studied that day or week to improve the dream I just woke myself into .

Quite often I experiment complete and full lucidity . When this occurs , I begin exploring the endless power and miracles residing in my own mind . And , oh , dear Lord , the wonders there . How many times I wandered around freely inside my mind , visiting castles and ancient sacred temples , which are a very frequent motif in my dreams . I went to the moon and came back , I walked on the sun and looked at its light without burning my eyes . I talked to giants who travelled with me through mystical forests only to get to more fabulous , gorgeous and fantastic palaces either in the skies , on the lands or under the water . And the ladies and the gentlemen living there , shining brightly in their white clothes , looking more like the angels from above than characters imagined by my mind alone .

I wish my vocabulary was rich enough to describe the things I consciously see during my dreams . But I can’t for the moment . All I know is that I got to this point where I no longer want to wake myself up from my dreams . And it is not because I hate life so much that I can’t even stand being alive . No , my dear friends . What I mean to say is that I received this divine gift in exchange for my physical sight , which is the ability to imagine . Imagination with no boundaries , pure , bright and conscious imagination , power to create endless scenarios and possibilities . Is it worth having lost my sight ? Yes , it is . However I am not absurd . The image bellow constantly reminds me that I do need to get my sight back in order to survive the jungle called life . And the other photo reminds me that heaven is a place called Earth .

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  1. My Dearest Catalina: I thank God and Goddess that you’re doing so well, especially with your lucid dreaming !!! You’re quite a positive role model for all of us and such a strong woman.

    I think of you a lot and was wondering how you were doing! Have you gone back to crocheting or been doing any other type of creative work besides your lucid dreaming?

    I pray that all of Mother Nature continues to Bless you and keep you Safe and Serene.

    Have all my Love and very best wishes in Light, Life, and Love 💜💛💖💛💜

  2. Catalina,
    It is so good to hear your voice again. For me you were my first crochet teacher and your videos set me on a path that has helped me through many a difficult time. I can only imagine how hard it has been for you, but please know there are so many of us out there who think of you often and with great affection.

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