Mar 012018

Dear Reader,

I had the following dream some time ago that I want to mention . I was back to school , sitting at my old desk , surounded by many of my friends , people I know or heard of . We were all adults. Then a man entered the classroom . He was holding a small boy’s hand who seemed to suffer from a slight mental disability . His father asked us not to reject his son and allow him to act freely among us in order to observe the little boy’s behaviour in the context with other people . We all agreed to do as such . So the boy began to walk between the desks , stopping in front of each of us .

‘What is war ?’ , he would ask us .

But many of us did not know what to answer or gave sloppy , misleading answers . To which the boy reacted with a large and friendly hug given to each of us .

‘What is war ?’ , he asked me as well , when my turn came . And what a lucid and conscious look this boy had when he looked right into my eyes and asked his question .

I grabbed my puffy elastic hair band and showed it to him .

‘Hold this onto the other side and pull as hard as you can . And tell me that it is yours ‘ , I said to him .

And so he did , but as he was pulling towards him , I began pulling the hair band towards me .

‘No , this is mine ‘ , I said .

Taken by surprise , the boy turned to a slightly more angry look and feelings . His instinct told him that the hair band was something he wanted and should have at any cost . That being said , we both began pulling the band as if we both had lost our minds , both blinded by anger , fury and ego . None of us was willing to let go of the unvaluable hairband . A minute after , I stopped pulling and so did he .

‘Kid , war is wnen two people want the same thing and no one wants to let go . Do you understand what I mean ?’ , I offered my explanation to the little participant .

‘Yes , I think I do understand ‘ , he replied .

After which he gave me a kiss on my cheek instead of a hug .

I woke up shortly after . I did not give any interpretation to my dream . But I surely would like children to never find out the true meaning of war .

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