Sep 122019

”You are my girlfriend and I seriously need your advice on something” , said John the Wolf to me a few days back . ”I am just about to buy this expensive technology which I think will help me learn more about my body and heal it eventualy . I am veery nervous and excited about this purchase and I need you to tell me whether I need it or not !” , he added .
”Which of the two meanings of the word girlfriend did you refer to when you called me your girlfriend ?” I asked , as if to say , ”I am sorry ,but the rest of your sentence does not show any importance to me .”
”What do you mean ?” he said back .
”Nevermind” , I answered , ”Let us not get involved into a conversation about linguistics and meaning of words .”
”I meant to say that you are a friend of mine and that I treasure your opinion” , he explained shortly afterwards .
”Good” , I confirmed , ”Because I gave my heart away to the one I have been dreaming for since forever” , I cleared it all out .
”He will go away once you fully recover your eyesight , I am fully convinced about it .”
”What if I do not want him to go away ? What if I want him to come in ?”
”I think you should not give your heart away to idealistic dreams which may never come true . Maybe you should keep your heart closed to such thoughts , scenarios and dreams .”
”But what if I want to keep it open ? What if the Universe is actually magic ? Why not believe in magic ?”
”I will make you my girlfriend once our paths will cross again , even if that means I will have to fight against demons in hell .”
”Doing so would be a crime against the woman you trully belong to and who„s voice I hear late at night saying to me , ”I beg of you , bring my man back” , which is why I would never dare to steal away another woman„s soulmate . This is a lesson I learned the hard way .”
”No matter what I will make you mine for I am sure you are my soulmate !”
”Trust me , in 10 years time yu will thank me for having kept you at a distance , even though you may come to hate me in the meantime . If my one and only is not him , the one I have dreamed of , then no one else is . I will wait for him to knock at my door for as long as possible , at the risk of staying single for the rest of my life and raising cats instead of children !”

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